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Advanced Certificate Pre-School and Early Education

The Advanced Certificate in Pre-School and Early Education is part of the UDEM’s Preschool Education Network, which is supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The program offers education in of psychology and pedagogy in order to design creative didactic strategies and innovative educational projects that promote the development of young students.


Provide knowledge of the psychological and pedagogical characteristics of children during their early pedagogical stages. Develop pedagogical skills for the design of creative didactic strategies and for the orientation and evaluation of the needs of children and their families.

The curricular program contains five courses related to the evolutionary and psychological aspects of the breastfeeding period, first infancy, and preschool, the pedagogical models and teaching strategies adequate to those stages, the importance of play and of a creative experiential education, and the diagnostic, evaluation, and orientation of childhood development and its close link to the family system.

Students from the Advanced Certificate in Pre-School and Early Education Program:

  • Become part of the Preschool Education Network, an international collaborative network with the following objectives: sharing experiences, developing research projects, sharing expert opinion and research, and generating permanent learning.
  • Master the contemporary infant and preschool educational paradigms.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • To design creative teaching techniques.
  • To provide the basic necessary tools to guide and assess the children learning needs.
  • To provide the basic necessary tools to guide and assess the importance of the family system and its impact on children’s learning.​


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