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Master of Hospital and Health Services

The Hospital and Health Services Administration Master’s Degree Program prepares professionals with knowledge of the management skills and abilities that are necessary to effectively manage the resources of healthcare institutions in a manner that increases their competitively.

To assess the resources of organizations providing health services, to develop skills to effectively manage, optimize, and achieve planned organizational competitively. Hospital and Health Services Administration Master’s Degree Program Graduates:
  • Promote strategies and implement sustainable practices that increase the quality of care in public and private hospitals and also in healthcare organizations.
  • Develop leadership and management skills that focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of hospitals and healthcare organizations.
  • Suggest strategic solutions through analysis, effective decision-making, and ethical awareness.
  • Improve the quality of healthcare provided by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and health service companies 
  • Have the multidisciplinary skills to effectively manage the material, financial, and human resources of healthcare organizations. 

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Leadership and Managerial skills development.
  • Strategic Solution Development and Ethical Decision Making.
  • Understand the needs of society in order to improve the quality of health institutions.
  • Development of management capabilities regarding economic capital and human talent.

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