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Master of Organizational Development and Change (online)

The Master’s Degree Program in Organizational Development and Change trains professionals who facilitate change and innovation processes in organizations.  These are professionals who focus on individual and collective development, using e-learning as a resource to learn and acquire competencies.

Graduates from this program make significant contributions to improve the working environment and culture of local and global organizations, as well as their human, administrative, and structural processes, thus responding to their challenges and transformations.


To train professionals who facilitate change and innovation processes by implementing techniques, models, and methodologies.  These are professionals who monitor the development of personnel, equipment, and organizations to contribute to the design and implementation of a plan to improve the working and cultural environment and the human and administrative processes in response to the challenges of domestic and international organizations.

Educational Forefront

The Master’s Degree Program in Organizational Development and Change offers students a unique learning experience because:
  • It is taught in an online format, incorporating intergroup processes through technology to follow-up on the student’s personal and professional growth.
  • It is based on a learning community that is sustained by the interaction between participants and their growth in groups, under tutorial guidance supported by e-learning and all its participatory tools.
  • It uses an active, collaborative learning method which is applied to real-life situations and employs methodologies of research-action and innovation in change consultancy for the improvement of organizations.
  • It develops a knowledge of cultural diversity and its management through change interventions in domestic and international companies.
  • It promotes student participation in international symposia, forums, or congresses on Organizational Development.
  • It assigns each group a tutor who follows-up on the learning process and gives students support with the handling of technology. 

Graduates from the Master’s Degree Program in Organizational Development and Change:
  • Have the skills and attitudes necessary to collaborate as agents of change, aligning business strategies with the development of human and organizational captial and promoting short, mid, and long-term solutions.
  • Analyze and diagnose the different human and organizational processes while at the same time they propose and implement improvements to these processes.
  • Master the management of diversity because they have developed intervention projects in innovation processes.
  • Learn from different work cultures and from colleagues from other parts of Mexico and Latin America.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • To collaborate as an agent of change, aligning business strategies with human capital and organizational development and proposing, in conjunction with the client, solutions in the short, medium and long term.
  • To analyze and diagnose different human and organizational processes in order to suggest and implement improvements in them.
  • To master the handling of diversity, a skill acquired by having made trips to visit other countries and multinational corporations, and by having developed projects of intervention in innovation and change processes in global organizations.
  • To develop the "I as an instrument of change" by growing in the skills of interaction, introspection and reflection on personal growth and that of others.

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