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Master of Organizational Development

Graduates are trained to significantly improve the work climate and culture and the human and administrative processes of businesses by responding positively to the challenges and transformations of local and global organizations.

To create professionals capable of facilitating change processes in organizations through a global approach and diversity management. These professionals center their work on the individual and group development of the members of the organization.

Top Notch Education
The Organizational Development Master’s Degree Program offers students a unique learning experience through:
  • The modular system, which allows follow up on the personal and professional growth of students.
  • An active student learning community, sustained by group interaction, and focusing on individual growth under the guidance of a tutor.
  • The “experiential laboratory” method that promotes active learning in real situations.
  • Methodologies of applied research, innovation, and change consultancy to improve organizations.
  • Developing knowledge and the ability to handle cultural diversity by going on national and international field trips.
  • Promoting participation in international Organizational Development conferences.
  • Group tutor who follows up on the learning process for the entire two–year period.

Graduates from the Master of Organizational Development Program:
  • Work as agents of change, aligning business strategies with the development of human and organizational capital, and suggesting short, medium and long–term solutions.
  • Analyze and diagnose different human and organizational processes, in order to suggest and implement ways of improving them.
  • Master the handling of diversity through international field trips and by developing intervention projects for innovation and change in global organizations.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • To collaborate as an agent of change, aligning business strategies with human capital and organizational development and proposing, in conjunction with the client, solutions in the short, medium and long term.
  • To analyze and diagnose different human and organizational processes in order to suggest and implement improvements in them.
  • To master the handling of diversity, a skill acquired by having made trips to visit other countries and multinational corporations, and by having developed projects of intervention in innovation and change processes in global organizations.
  • To develop the "I as an instrument of change" by growing in the skills of interaction, introspection and reflection on personal growth and that of others.

Be change, analysis, innovation