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Advanced Certificate in Organizational Change Management

Graduate Specialty Program with an online modality.

The program is studied over a year (three four-month terms).

Students take two 6-credit courses and a 2-credit workshop in the first two four-month terms. The last four-month term includes two 6-credit courses and two workshops. The first workshop carries 2 credits and the second one carries 3 credits.

The program comprises 45 academic credits.


  • Integration of the Learning Community
  • Organizational Theory and Structure
  • Introduction to Organizational Development
  • Systemic Approach to Change
  • Group Methodologies and Processes
  • Intervention Methodologies and Negotiation Strategies Workshop


  • Consulting Process – Initial Stages
  • Consulting Process – Diagnosis
  • Consulting Process – Intervention

Each course will be taught by a professor who will be in charge of the contents and of guiding the students along the process. The professor will also check tasks, provide feedback to students and check assignments, thus offering guidance and knowledge to the students.

In addition, students will have a tutor who will help them by reminding them of the activities, dates, bibliography. In general, the tutor will guide students along the logistic process.

The program offers online support to help students with technological challenges that may arise.

A very extensive digital library with data bases from journals, articles, books and a stock of digital books exclusive to this program are in place.

The platform used for the program is Blackboard. The course is supported with videos recorded by the professor, chats, wikis, discussion forums, and synchronous sessions in which the professor lectures and opens question sessions. Students meet through Blackboard Collaborate.

Therefore, the learning process is collaborative and participative, based on constructivism and on UDEM’s pedagogical model. Assignments are done in teams. The teams are put together in the first “Integration of the Learning Community” course.

Aim of graduate program

It trains professionals to facilitate and collaborate in the change and innovation processes of organizations by using e-learning as a resource to develop the required competencies.


The UDEM faculty has ample academic and professional experience and are both nationally and international recognized.

be change, innovation, results