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Integrity system

Integrity system
Nowadays, it is of the utmost importance to strengthen the coherence between what our students think, say, and do so that tomorrow they can become excellent professionals and extraordinary people. We live in a world of constant changes, challenges, and opportunities where academic integrity is a topic that has started to become more relevant and to raise awareness of the fact that we must commit to acting ethically in each one of the activities that we carry out.

Academic integrity promotes knowledge and the respect of the University’s principles, values, and Code of Honor, as well as of the ideas of others, thus preventing dishonest acts such as cheating, plagiarism, and collusion, among many others.
UDEM Integrity System

As part of its commitment to form transforming leaders who can contribute to the development of a better Mexico, the Universidad de Monterrey has implemented the UDEM Integrity System whose objective is to foster a culture of academic integrity in all members of the university community by reinforcing the values promoted by the institution.

The UDEM Integrity System is the set of practices and strategies that strengthen and promote honesty, responsibility, trust, respect, justice, and courage. It is a mechanism that regulates the principles, values, and standards of conduct that support the culture of academic integrity.

Since 2010, our university has been affiliated with The International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), an organization devoted mostly to providing resources and promoting a commitment to academic integrity in educational institutions.

The Universidad de Monterrey was the first institution in Latin America to become a member of this international organization whose headquarters are located at the University of Clemson in South Carolina, in the United States.
Honor Code

The Honor Code was created in order to strengthen the UDEM Integrity System. It establishes the principles, values, and moral conduct standards to be upheld. It also defines violations and the penalties to be applied in case of failure to comply with it. 

This Honor Code is aimed at everyone who is part of the UDEM community, including students, faculty, and collaborators, as well as visitors, guests or participants in specific projects, and alumni.
Honor Pledge
"​I hereby affirm that I have done this activity with academic integrity".
Formative actions

We translate values into actions that strengthen the experience of a culture of academic integrity in our community. We support our students in their personal and professional challenges through formative activities and tools and a model to be followed for their future and success.
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