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Universidad de Monterrey

We are a higher-education institution of catholic inspiration, open to students and faculty of all creeds and backgrounds. The Universidad de Monterrey is notable for offering a unique Whole-Person Education Plan to each student; in accordance with their personal characteristics and professional interests so that they can fulfill their maximum potential in an environment of high academic rigor and an international vision.

At present, we have 15 thousand students and we offer 46 undergraduate degree programs, 4 baccalaureate programs​, 16 master degree programs, 13 graduate specialties, 37 medical specialties, and one doctorate.

Academic Culture of Excellence

Our faculty members have graduated from the best universities in the world. They are research-oriented and have extensive experience in their field of specialty.  Our faculty’s work is performed within our ad hoc Pedagogical Model and based on the needs of our students, but most importantly, on the qualities that we aim for in our graduates.
Moreover, we hold important national and international accreditations that reflect our ongoing commitment to offer top-level programs with support from a world-class faculty and infrastructure.

Our Values

At UDEM, we work to fortify our formative and academic work with essential values such as justice, peace, fraternity, the essential equality of all human beings, and responsible freedom.

We are pioneers in forming a System of Integrity, which was implemented in 2011 and consists of a set of norms and proposals whose objective is to strengthen the values of honesty, veracity, and congruence, among others, thus creating a joint commitment to the institutional philosophy from the whole educational community.

Our Facilities

Quality teaching is complemented with top-level facilities: modern classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms with specialized software, an experiential leadership learning center, a theater, a gym, a radio station, student residence halls, and a myriad of recreational spaces and green areas.

In short, a sustainable infrastructure that promotes learning and is designed to create an atmosphere in which each moment represents a formative experience.


We are the Mexican university with the largest percentage of students participating in student exchange programs abroad, thus supplementing their education by experiencing an international university environment. More than 50 percent of our graduates have had at least one academic experience abroad. 

In addition to student mobility, we promote other internationalization initiatives such as academic periods for faculty, the offer of courses with global themes, and on-campus programs such as the Feria Internacional UDEM (UDEM’s International Fair). ​


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Institutional message

Our age faces many new challenges. To meet them, the Universidad de Monterrey encourages academic excellence and the creation of knowledge within an intercultural environment. The students are guided and motivated by our Personal Education Plan.


Our Vision 2020

Being committed to a positive transformation of its environment, the UDEM defined three strategies that will define its progress toward 2020: A Culture of Academic Excellence, Service orient Integral Formation, and Sustainable Educational Infrastructure.


Facilities and Resources

Our high quality instruction is supported by first-rate educational installations: modern classroom, a complete library, laboratories, computer labs with specialized software, and myriad recreational facilities.



The development of our institution has been made possible by the generous donations of hundreds of people who have given to the UDEM financial campaigns. Across the years, the institution has planted the seed of altruism in is staff and students.