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Scholarships and financial aid

At UDEM, we encourage and promote our students’ development.

Discover the scholarship options we have for you.

Academic Support Scholarship

Did you have high academic performance in your last studies and also have professional experience? Apply to the Academic Support Scholarship!

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ExaUDEM Scholarship

Study a graduate degree in your alma mater! Ir you are a graduate from UDEM’s undergraduate or graduate degree programs, we grant you a scholarship to continue studying with us.

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Academic Excellence Scholarship

If you achieved an outstanding academic performance in your last studies, we offer you a scholarship so you can continue preparing.

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UDEM Scholarship

If your average is excellent and you have high economic need, we offer you a scholarship for your graduate studies.

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Scholarships for students of Medical Specialties

If you are going to study one of our medical specialties, we invite you to review the scholarship options we have for you.

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Other financial aids

Discover the different sources of financing to which you can apply to pursue your graduate level studies.

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Discover your ideal scholarship

Would you like to know what scholarships you can apply for? Answer a few questions and find out!

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