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Laura Reyna de la Garza

Author: UDEM
Credits: Laura Reyna de la Garza

From a very young age, Laura Reyna de la Garza (LEI/LPA’09) has had a passion and vocation for public affairs and she has combined her academic life with various professional and political activities.

In 2007, she went to France to study the European Union model. In 2008, as part of her internship service, she collaborated in the Office of Legislative Affairs of the Mexican Embassy in Washington, DC, and she coordinated the discussions for the OAS Youth Forum of the Americas, to mention some of the activities that have allowed her to apply her knowledge at the local and international level.

As part of her professional activities, Laura has been a Young Associate of the Mexican Council of International Affairs (COMEXI), where she was in contact with former chancellors Rosario Green, Fernando Solana, and Jorge Castañeda.

She is also a member of the Institute of Studies for Transition to Democracy (IETD), which also has José Woldenberg, Lorenzo Córdova, Ciro Murayama, and Patricia Mercado among its members.

In the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), she has acted as a National Political Advisor and she has collaborated with the National Colosio Foundation in the production of electoral platforms and articles, as well as in the development of consultation forums. Currently, Laura is the Technical Secretary of the Office of Advisors of the Secretary of the Interior.

UDEM changed my life. Doing two majors (LPA-LEI) enabled me to understand why being an excellent professional is not enough and how being an extraordinary person can open doors to new worlds for you,” Laura commented about her experience in her alma mater.

She was student president of the LPA program, as well as a member of the first generation of Formator-Residents of the UDEM Residence Halls, which made her understand in depth the concept that man is perfected in the service of man.

A native of Tamaulipas, she won the State Youth Prize in Nuevo León, which made her realize that wherever you may be, you can transform your milieu and leave a mark. Additionally, in 2010 she started graduate-level studies in Public Administration and Public Policy at the Tecnológico de Monterrey’s EGAP, as a CONACYT scholarship recipient and research assistant.

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