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César Cossio Govea y Samuel Casanova Arteaga

Author: UDEM
Credits: César Cossio Govea y Samuel Casanova Arteaga

We all have stories and they can be used for more than just entertaining friends, family, or co-workers. If used appropriately, they are an effective method for professional growth, for example, when looking for a new job, presenting new ideas/projects, when creating engagement in our team, to be a better leader, etc. Storytelling helps us with all of this.

Inspired by stories that leave a mark, ExaUDEMs César Cossio Govea (LCIC'13) and Samuel Casanova Arteaga (LEI'13) joined forces to create “simplechange”, an organization that aims to empower people in the creation, innovation, and communication of projects aimed to create a social impact.

"In 2011, I won a scholarship with the FEMSA-UDEM Leaders Program and I was able to work at FEMSA, since I was halfway through my undergraduate degree program. It was there that I became acquainted with the world of entrepreneurship, and ever since, that was the path I decided to walk along,” César told us about the influence that UDEM had in his professional development.

In 2012, prior to the elections period, Samuel received an offer to do an internship with a local newspaper. "Being an UDEM student opened up for me a path I never thought I would be on and which to this day has helped me for my professional life,” he told us. Since that was the first presidential election he would vote in, he felt motivated to experience this process fully, and what better way to do it than working in a newspaper. There, he went along the path of journalism, which has led him to working with various sectors and to creating simplechange, where he applies some of the main skills he has acquired on this road, which he set off on 5 years ago.

About the main challenges he has faced, César told us: I think that making a pause in your project and a real reflection on whether the path you are on is the right one is one of them. It is very tough, and Samuel and I have had to do it more than 129 times! I am exaggerating a little, of course.”

In order to develop simplechange, it has been essential to find a way to achieve a greater impact and be creative. From there, the following challenge is usually the most difficult, as for any good undertaking. “I think that the main challenge is to stop saying ‘we’re going to do something,’ and actually do something,” Samuel shared with us.

Amongst the achievements he has had with simplechange, he can name little things like creating a vision for simplechange, the webpage, getting their first clients, and so on. "Personally, the greatest satisfaction is to be part of this process, this cheerful, frustrating, and excitingly chaotic adventure that enterprising is, and through which we learn more and more each day,” César mentioned.

Our ExaUDEM gave us some recommendations for those who, like them, have an interest in enterprising: “If you want to enterprise, start your own business, go ahead, give it a try. Just take into consideration that being an enterpriser is not just opening your company, you can also be an enterpriser from a company, the government, academia, foundations, etc.”, Samuel told us.

"It is a gratifying thing to develop an idea, but facing the challenges of implementing it and seeing the benefits of your actions is something that, at least personally, fills me with absolute joy and satisfaction. Also, get a good partner, support is of the essence here and creativity flows when there is more than one idea on the table. I have the good fortune to have one of my best friends as my partner,” César added.


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