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Entrance examination tutoring sessions

We help you prepare to take the entrance exam to the undergraduate level! 


The preparation course consists of two four-hour sessions. These sessions focus on two areas: verbal and mathematical.


Choose the dates that best suit you! 

English placement exam

We evaluate your command of the English language in order to place you at the right level. 

The dates and times for this exam will be communicated you your Induction Seminar. 

English placement exam fee: MX$750.00

*This charge is made automatically upon payment of your registration fee. 


Physics placement exam (for Architecture students only)

We measure your knowledge of Physics to place you in the correct course.

Month Day
October 12 & 26
November 9, 23 & 30
December 7

If you fail this exam, you will have to take the course General Physics. 
Remember that you will not have to take this exam if your average grade in your high school Physics courses or if you are a Prepa UDEM graduate. 

¡Te estamos esperando!

Asiste al curso de preparación y presenta la Prueba de Aptitud Académica (PAA) para ingresar a la UDEM.


UDEM in your city

You would like to study at UDEM but you do not live in Monterrey?

Do not worry! We also come to various cities of the country.


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