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We want you to choose the best option so that your stay in Monterrey can be an unforgettable experience.

Please take the following into account:

1. Visit a number of the options that we give you. One of them will be the most convenient choice for you.

2. Once you have chosen a housing alternative, you should inform Buscohogar (Housing Locator) through an e-mail.

3. Demand a boarding tenancy agreement that clearly includes the following points:

  • Monthly price, rend due day, increase percentage per semester or year.
  • Should a deposit made as collateral (if so, enquire as to the reason for this charge).
  • The state of repair of the property and the working order of anything in it. Report any damage or malfunction to the landlord so that you are not held responsible for it when you leave.
  • Clarify who is responsible for payment of utilities (water, electricity, telephone, gas, etc.) and in what percentages. We suggest that you contract your own telephone line to avoid any possible future complications.
  • Type of service provided: types of food, meals, days and hours.
  • Cleaning service (room, linens, clothes, personal clothes, ironing, etc.) .
  • Term of the contract and conditions for early termination.
  • Signature in acknowledgment from the three parties involved (the landlord, the parents, and the student). Each party should keep a copy of contract.

4. Ask for a written copy of the rules of conduct to be observed in the house. It should include the curfew time if there is one, visitors allowed, use of common areas, etc. You should be perfectly clear about what you can and cannot do.


Note: Buscohogar (Housing Locator) only acts as a contact between landlords offering housing for rent and out-of-town students. Neither UDEM nor the Buscohogar (Housing Locator) program will be held accountable for the negotiations carried out between the two parties. By the same token, neither UDEM nor the Buscohogar (Housing Locator) program will be liable for any debts and/or possible non-compliances resulting from the contract between lessor and lessee. ​​​​​​