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Anatomical Pathology

In the Anatomical Pathology specialty you will master a level of excellence through the application of Basic Sciences and Surgical Pathology.
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We have a modern training program that is a leader in educational quality. Through it, you will prepare to be a surgical pathologist of excellence in your work. You will establish appropriate anatomical-clinical correlations for the most frequent diseases.

Furthermore, you will base the practice of your specialty on the principles of humanitarianism, taking into consideration the person’s dignity in a constant interaction with the social environment.

Duration: 3 years.



  • Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad (High-Specialty Hospital).
  • IMSS UMAE 25.
  • Hospital Metropolitano “Bernardo Sepúlveda” SSA NL.
Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) granted by the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education in accordance with agreement 20111126 dated March 2017.


Integral to the scientific education that you receive in this specialty is a paramount need to pass on the knowledge you have acquired. You will feel an inclination to the scientific research method, either basic or clinical. We will provide you with the opportunity to acquire experience and competency in experimental pathology, through the development of specialized techniques in this branch of science, which enables a more in-depth study of the clinical-pathological problems that you will face in your daily practice.

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    Admission profile

    You must have a strong background of basic knowledge que that will allow you to acquire knowledge related to the specialty.

    • Warmth and availability to care for the patient and his or her family.
    • Broad knowledge of scientific methodology, basic statistics, and the epidemiological method.
    • Scientific foundations of Medicine: Basic Sciences (Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Pharmacology, Histology, Embryology, etc.), Clinical Sciences (Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergencies, Family Medicine and Public Health), Sociomedical Sciences and general culture.
    • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in general Medicine.
    • Responsibility and leadership in the health care team.
    • An attitude of academic advancement and self-learning.

    Graduate profile

    Upon completion of your studies in Anatomical Pathology, you will have developed the following knowledge:

    • You will be knowledgeable about the basic sciences and surgical pathology, with scientific foundations.
    • You will master the basic medical sciences such as Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, and Biochemistry.
    • You will be knowledgeable about all the tissues that make up the human body in order to master Human Histology.
    • You will identify cytological methodology and techniques in the diagnostic application of the different pathologies, establishing clinical correlation and prognosis.

    Upon completion of your studies in Anatomical Pathology, you will have developed the following skills:

    • You will demonstrate criteria to establish diagnosis and pathological prognosis in accordance with clinical diagnosis.
    • You will be skillful in the use of Anatomical Pathology and its interaction with the application of Microscopy to diagnosis.
    • You will be competent in the use of information technology as an ancillary in your daily activities.
    • You will select, analyze, and appreciate medical literature related to Anatomical Pathology, integrating its pertinent evidence to the clinical case.
    • You will examine the mechanisms of immunological damage and the diseases in which they are more frequently present.
    • You will identify the main diseases of all systems and you will analyze the secondary pathological processes caused by environmental factors.
    • You will collaborate productively in interdisciplinary work groups in the field of Anatomical Pathology.
    • You will develop competencies for your permanent education and professional advancement in the field of Anatomical Pathology.
    • You will apply the scientific method to generate new knowledge in Anatomical Pathology

    Upon completion of your studies in Anatomical Pathology, you will have developed the following attitudes:

    • You will appreciate medical literature, appropriately applying it to your daily activities in order to support, deepen, and broaden your professional scope.
    • You will establish a positive relationship with the patient, his or her family, and the professional circles.
    • You will respect the principles of Medical Ethics and humanitarianism in the practice of your profession.
    • You will act at all time with the humanitarianism and respect that your patients deserve.
    • You will treat each patient as an indivisible biopsychosocial being.
    • You will assume the moral obligation of educating other generations of physicians, health personnel, and society.
    • You will foster self-learning and carry out research to contribute to the solution of pathologists’ problems.
    • You will practice your profession with humanitarianism and in strict compliance with legal regulations.

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    Consult the courses that you will take in the specialty in Anatomical Pathology.

    First year
    Code Course CRS Year
    HMAP1007 Clinical Training I 70
    ​HMAP1001 Autopsy Pathology​ 4
    HMAP1003​ Histology and Applied Organography 4
    HMAP1002 Molecular Biology. Microscopy and Medical Photography 4
    HMAP1004​​ Pathology Course I 4
    HMAP1009 Anatomical Pathology General Theory I 4
    HMAP10​10 Research I 8
    HMAP1011 Ethics and Medical Professionalism 4
    ESM1001 Patient Safety 2




    Second year
    Code Course CRS Year
    HMCG2009 Clinical Training II 70
    ​HMCG2010 Anatomical Pathology General Theory II ​ 4
    HMAP2011 Cytopathology 4
    HMAP2012 Immunopathology and Electronic Microscopy 4
    HMAP2013 Applied Computer Science 4
    HMAP2014 Pathology Course II 4
    HMAP2015 Research II 8


    Third year
    Code Course CRS Year
    HMAP3011 Clinical Training III 66
    ​HMAP3012 Anatomical Pathology General Theory III 4
    HMAP3013 Surgical Pathology 4
    HMAP3014 Immunohistochemical Histology ​ 4
    HMAP3015 Pathology Course III 4
    HMAP3016 Research III 8
    HMAP3017 Medical and Health Education 6


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