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Post-basic Programs in Nursing

Develop your knowledge of nursing in order to provide specialized care.
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With UDEM’s post-basic programs in Nursing, you will be able to train as a technical nursing professional who is competent in providing human care, based on a practice of care with ethics, appreciation for life, and a theoretical foundation.

Our ten school-based programs have Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) granted by the Secretariat of Education of the State of Nuevo León (SENL).


Especialidades Médicas
Ciencias Clínicas
Administración, Nutrición
Ciencias Básicas
Especialidades Médicas


Learn about the success stories of our graduates.

Studying Dentistry at UDEM was an excellent life decision.
For me, studying at UDEM became a life experience.
Pursuing my MCD degree at UDEM was the best decision I could have made.
I still remember the first day I went to the UDEM campus as a student of the…
I am very proud to be an alumna of the Universidad de Monterrey undergraduate degree…
My experience pursuing the undergraduate degree program in Nutrition at UDEM was a very…
At UDEM, I experienced whole-person education first hand.
Just like many, I started my degree in Psychology with the mission of helping others, but…
During my LPS studies at UDEM, I learned about methodology, diagnosis, and intervention…


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