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General Surgery

In the General Surgery specialty, you will assess the patient with a surgical pathology from the onset of the medical condition until he or she is discharged.
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You will train as a specialist physician with sufficient knowledge and competencies to assess a patient with a surgical pathology from the onset of the medical condition until he or she is discharged, including a full and comprehensive clinical assessment of the patient, clinical and paraclinical diagnosis, appropriate medical-surgical treatment, and/or rehabilitation.

Duration: 4 years.



  • IMSS Nuevo León.
  • Hospitales Christus Muguerza.
  • Hospital Regional de ISSSTE.
Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) granted by the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education in accordance with agreement 20101156 dated November 2015.


In the General Surgery specialty, you will be highly oriented to education and training to respond to the demands of our society for surgical care in institutional and/or private medicine, with support from technology that will allow you to offer the highest standards of care.

Furthermore, you will develop the scientific research method as a habitual instrument for the care of surgical patients, as a method for resolution and continuous development to provide thorough medical and humanitarian care with excellent quality.

You will use educational methodology as an essential ancillary method for continuing self-learning during your residency and in your subsequent professional practice and as a method to promote the education of your peers, patients, relatives and staff that accompanies you in your daily work.

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    Admission profile

    You must have a strong background of basic knowledge that will allow you to acquire the following:

    • Broad knowledge of scientific methodology and the epidemiological method.
    • Willingness to acquire skills to manage diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in general Medicine.
    • Basic technical-surgical skills of Medicine.
    • Warmth and availability to care for the patient and his or her family.
    • Responsibility and leadership in the health care team.
    • An attitude of academic advancement and self-learning.

    Graduate profile

    Upon completion of your studies in General Surgery, you will have developed the following knowledge:

    • You will be knowledgeable about General Surgery (Basic sciences, Clinical Sciences, Scientific Method), with scientific foundations.
    • You will evaluate the principles of the natural history of disease in General Surgery problems.
    • You will acquire professional competence to do pre-op, trans-op, and post-op follow-up of your patients.
    • You will timely identify the clinical problems of a surgery that may require care from another specialty or discipline, and you will participate in a team with your inter-consultants.
    • You will demonstrate in-depth knowledge to apply surgical procedures and technical resources for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation in patient care, such as endoscopic procedures and minimally invasive surgery, with skill, dexterity, and critical judgment.

    Upon completion of your studies in General Surgery, you will have developed the following skills:

    • You will demonstrate efficient watchfulness and attention to the process.
    • You will provide specialized comprehensive medical care to patients with surgical pathologies.
    • You will apply knowledge, methods, and techniques efficiently in pre-, trans-, and post-operation procedures efficiently, in compliance with international standards concerning patient safety.
    • You will select, analyze, and appreciate related medical literature, integrating evidence pertinent to the clinical case with your specialty.
    • You will use available prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation resources reflectively.
    • You will apply state-of-the-art technology selectively.
    • You will collaborate productively in interdisciplinary work groups in the field of General Surgery.
    • You will foster your permanent education and professional advancement.
    • You will apply the scientific method to generate new knowledge, integrating sustainability as a concrete action.
    • You will participate in the development of medical research projects focused on the solution of significant problems of your specialty.

    Upon completion of your studies in General Surgery, you will have developed the following attitudes:

    • You will establish a positive relationship with the patient, his or her family, and the professional circles.
    • You will respect the principles of medical Ethics in the practice of your profession.
    • You will act at all time with the humanitarianism and respect that your patients deserve.
    • You will assist each patient as an indivisible biopsychosocial being.
    • You will assume the moral obligation of educating other generations of physicians, health personnel, and society.
    • You will foster self-learning and carry out research to contribute to the solution of problems in your specialty.
    • You will practice your profession with humanitarianism and in strict compliance with legal regulations.
    • You will base the practice of your specialty on principles of humanitarianism that take into consideration a person’s dignity and biopsychical integrity with constant interaction in their social milieu.
    • You will identify and acknowledge the limitations of your professional scope that lead you to timely request help from appropriate parties to provide the best possible care to your patients.

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    Consult the courses that you will take in the specialty in General Surgery.

    First year
    Code Course CRS Year

    Clinical Training I

    HMCG1001 Surgical Propaedeutics I 2
    HMCG1003 Surgical Topographic Anatomy 2
    HMCG1004 Surgical Pathology I 6


    Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Advanced Life Support in Trauma



    Research I

    ESMI1001 Patient Safety 2
    Second year
    Code Course CRS Year

    Clinical Training II

    HMCG2015 Simulation 2
    HMCG2010 Surgical Propaedeutics II 2
    HMCG2011 Surgical Pathology II 6
    HMCG2016 Basic Laparoscopy 2


    Imaging I



    Research II

    Third year
    Code Course CRS Year

    Clinical Training III

    HMCG3008 Surgical Pathology III 8
    HMCG3011 Advanced Laparoscopy 2


    Imaging II


    HMCG2012 Intensive Surgical Care 2

    Research III

    Fourth year
    Code Course CRS Year

    Clinical Training IV

    HMCG4004 Surgical Pathology IV 6
    HMCG4002 Anesthesiology para General Surgery 4
    HMCG4014 Legal Medicine and Surgery 2


    Medical Bioethics



    Medical and Health Education



    Administración, Nutrición
    Especialidades Médicas
    Ciencias Clínicas
    Especialidades Médicas


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