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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

You will be capable of treating alterations of face and body, encompassing reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery.
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In the subspecialty in Plastic and Reconstructive you will be trained as a highly qualified specialist. You will provide comprehensive care to adult and pediatric patients with congenital or acquired craniofacial and hand conditions, deformities such as cleft lip and palate, through microsurgery procedures in the reconstruction of limbs, reimplantation, secondary breast reconstruction for breast cancer, burns, and use of grafts for these and other conditions, as well as esthetic surgical procedures of the trunk, face, and other areas. Resolutory in patients with massive weight loss too.

To enter this program, you will need to have completed two years of the Specialty in General Surgery.

Duration: 4 years.



Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) granted by the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education in accordance with agreement 20110457 dated July 2016. Program accredited by the Programa Nacional de Posgrado de Calidad (PNPC) of CONACYT.


In the subspecialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery you will be trained with the skills and knowledge necessary to correct deformities of the human face or body caused by congenital defects, traumas, diseases, or aging, collaborating with the multidisciplinary team within a framework of ethics and respect to the environment. Furthermore, you will use the scientific research method as a habitual instrument in the comprehensive care of patients.

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    Admission profile

    You will be a competent physician that treats alterations of the face and body. You will cover two aspects or types of supplementary interventions whose boundaries are often difficult to establish: reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery.

    Graduate profile

    Upon completion of your studies in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, you will have developed the following knowledge:

    • Apply knowledge of methods and medical care techniques corresponding to those performed by a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery, both individually and as part of a team of specialist physicians.
    • Develop knowledge of the plastic surgical procedures of the trunk, limbs, breast reconstruction, as well as reconstructive procedures applicable to traumas of the face and cranium, and facial paralysis, skin tumors, and tumors of the salivary glands.
    • Apply the fundamental principles of reconstruction through the use of tissue engineering.

    Upon completion of your studies in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, you will have developed the following skills:

    • ​​​Apply the diagnosis and treatment resources corresponding to your area of professional practice.
    • Appropriately apply medical literature related to plastic and reconstructive surgery to your daily work in order to support, deepen, and broaden your professional scope.
    • Interpret the physician’s professional training process as a human and social phenomenon, taking into consideration the institutional conditions in which medicine is practiced and taught.
    • Master the comprehensive management of the burned patient.
    • Practice the technical principles of microsurgery.
    • Be resolutory in the comprehensive care of patients with massive weight loss.

    Upon completion of your studies in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, you will have developed the following attitudes:

    • You will support the practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery on the principles of humanism and ethics, taking into consideration biopsychosocial integrity and respect of the environment.
    • Participate in the development of medical research projects focused on the search of new information that will allow you to solve significant problems of your specialty.
    • Participate in health education activities addressed to patients and the work team. Additionally, you will foster your permanent education and professional improvement.
    • You will collaborate productively in interdisciplinary work groups in the field of health, fostering an integrative vision of your work with regard to the work of other professionals in the area, with awareness of your social responsibility and your importance within the health system.

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    Consult the courses that you will take in the Subspecialty in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

    First year
    Code Course CRS Year
    SSCP1001 Fundamentals of Plastic Surgery 4
    SSCP1002 Flaps 4
    SSCP1003 Surgery of the Hand I 4
    SSCP1004 Burns 4
    SSCP1005 Tumors I 4
    SSCP1006 Microsurgery I 4
    SSCP1010 Clinical Training I 70
    SSCP1008 Research I 8
    SSCP1011 Medical Professionalism 4
    Second year
    Code Course CRS Year
    SSCP2001 Congenital Deformities I 4
    SSCP2002 Surgery of the Hand II 4
    SSCP2003 Tumors II 4
    SSCP2004 Microsurgery II 4
    SSCP2005  Thoracic Extremity I 4
    SSCP2006 Pelvic Extremity 4
    SSCP3010 Bioethics 4
    SSCP2010 Clinical Training II 70
    SSCP2008 Research II 8
    SSCP2011 ​ Massive Weight Loss I 4
    SSCP2012 Tissue Engineering I 4
    Third year
    Code Course CRS Year
    SSCP3001 Congenital Deformities II 4
    SSCP3002 Microsurgery III 4
    SSCP3003 Trunk Reconstruction 4
    SSCP3004 Cranio-Maxillofacial Trauma and Facial Paralysis 4
    SSCP3008 Research III 8
    SSCP3012 Clinical Training III 70
    SSCP3013 Thoracic Extremity II 4
    SSCP3014 Surgery of the Hand III 4
    SSCP3015 Massive Weight Loss II 4
    SSCP3016 Epidemiology 4
    Fourth year
    Code Course CRS Year
    SSCP4010 Clinical Training IV 70
    SSCP4001 Plastic Surgery 4
    SSCP4002 Orthognathic Surgery 4
    SSCP4003 Body Aging 4
    SSCP4004 Massive Weight Loss III 4
    SSCP4005  Tissue Engineering II 4
    SSCP3009 Medical and Health Education 6
    SSCP4008 Research IV 8


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